Our treatment team consist of physical therapies, chiropractic physician, massage therapist, psycholoigst and counsellors


Our team would help by developing a customized rehabilitation program for optimal recovery with in a short time.  They also offer long term continuity of care with maintenance therapies

We offer onsite pharmacy services with a licensed pharmacy technician 


We dispense a wide range of non-narcotic pain medications.  We custom make all our ointments, linements and gels.


Ointments are used in conjunction with our massage therapy provides the best pain relief and muscle relaxation


Our providers are trained to take a qucik X-ray to rule out acute fractures following common injuries and falls.


We do not offer CT scans or MRI scans at our locations but offer prescritpion services to obtain such tests and incorporate them in your continuity of care.


We offer onsite EMG testing services to diagnose and treat neuropathies and sciatica


Our providers can offer minor treatments for small cuts, bruises and fractures following falls, motor vehical accidents and work injuries.


We provide referral services to local emergency rooms for conditions that need immediate attention like large bleeding wounds, angina etc.,


They will call EMS or local hospital emergency rooms and make appropriate transfers when needed



Our providers specialize in treating acute injuries following motor vehicle accidents.


They are experienced in understanding how such injuries can negatively affect your ability to function both at home and work.


They would immediately start you with a customized rehabilitation program with medications and therapies while you rest at home during healing phase

Our providers  are certified under Department of Labor in providing immediate and ongoing care for work related injuries.


They will help in offering time off during healing phase of your injury and help you in recovery by offering a customized treatment program consisting of medications, therapies and injections when necessary.