•  Consultation                      $100

  • Follow up                             $60

  • Urine Screen                       $40

  • Urine Confirmation            $100

  • Fluro X-ray  Exam               $50

  • Ultra Sound Exam              $50

  • EMG Test                              $250

  • MRI                                        $500 (Off-Site)

  • CT Scan                                $400 (Off-Site)

  • Epidural                                $250

  • Facet                                     $250

  • Ablation                               $500

  • Discogram                           $500

  • Sedation                              $200


Do you submit bills to Auto Accident insurance or Worker's Comp. insurance company?


As per our company policy, we submit bills to Auto Accident Insurance and Worker's Comp. Insurance companies on your behalf. If the claim is not open and no payment is receivied with in sixty days, you as the the patient is expected to pay the charges and get reimbursement from your insurance company. 


Why not submit the bills to submit to my Health insurance?


The biggest costs involved in providing medical services are the administrative costs.  Most of the administrative costs in medical facilities are related to insurance billing and collection processes.  As per our company policy, we have eliminated such costs and make the services affordable for patients who do not have health insurance or who have high deductible plans. 


What billing information will I receive to submit to my insurance company?


​You will receive a copy of your bill for the services provided at the time of your visit.   

How long will it take for me to get reimbursement from my insurance company?


As you are aware, the insurance policy that you have purchased is an agreement between you and your insurance company. Generally, it takes from 45 to 60 days to obtain payment from an insurance carrier.​

​Will I get any additional bills from your providers?


No.  All charges included in the bill that is  due at the time of the services provided.  We accept checks, debit cards and credit cards. As a company policy, we do not accept cash except in rare emergency circumstances.

​I received a notice that my insurance company that you are a participating provider with my insurance company.  Can your clarify?


​PainCare as an organization does not participate with in any commercial health insurances including Medicare and Medicaid.   It is possible that providers working in PainCare also work at differnet practices and practice locations other than PainCare Walk-In.  When they provide services  at PainCare Walk-In it is on a self pay basis.


$1 per Minute

We have made your choice simple and affordable.  We charge $1 per minute of any therapy you choose.  This includes but not limited to Massage Therapy, Acupuncture , Laser, Ultra Sound , Eletrical Stimulation,TENS, Iontophoresis, Therapeutic Exercies etc.,


Chiropractic adjustments are charged at a flat fee of $40 per adjustment and visit,


Maintenance therapies for routine long term visits will receive additional discount for prepayment for future visits